Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The Lowry, Salford Docks

 The Lowry building has I'm sure, been photographed millions of times, but only once by me. Accompanying a school visit isn't the best way to get to spend quality photographic time at a venue, but it was still an opportunity. 

 Ever changing reflections in the water of Salford Docks.

If you look closely you can see folk at work in their offices.

I will definitely come back, but I hope for a quieter visit (no school party!) and for brighter weather - hey at least it didn't rain.

Friday, 28 February 2014

It's been a while, but I'm back!

Family and friends, both real life and virtual, know that I've not been too well for some time, but I've still managed to keep my business ticking over quite nicely, and I've kept all my existing clients happy, and added a few more whilst still getting better. I still have a way to go, but I'm on the mend. 

I'm grateful to everyone for their support and love. You know who you are. Thank you.

Now, updating the blog is long overdue... how do I do this again??

So, what I really want to bring to your attention is a very special charity. Myself and others are working hard in the UK at the moment to raise the profile of www.nilmdts.org, recruit professional photographers, and also recruit Maternity Units and NICU/SCBUs across the UK.

I recently wrote an article all about it, so please click here to read a Guest Blog Post.

Then share it, and share it again, and then share some more. Please. Its important.

Thank you.

Good health folks!

Monday, 11 February 2013

Photowalk, 7th July 2012

The theme was Details.

I invariably capture images which are not related to the theme ;0)
 The weather was mixed, sunny spells and scattered showers.
he full set appears here.

Photowalk, 6th June 2012

 Jodie sometimes comes along with me on a photowalk. The theme on this one was Light into Dark, which might have been easier to pursue had the sun shone, but it was dull overcast and we ended up popping into the degree show - the light in this corridor was great!

 On the way back into the centre of Derby along Markeaton Brook.
 The fountain/water feature in the Market Place.

The full set appears here.

Red gate, and cats 28th June 2012

Torrential rain fell, so great was the force the whole gate was wet. We live on a hill, so I don't worry about the house being flooded, but the garden is often waterlogged and sometimes we have some ingress over the front doorstep under the front door.

The cats investigated, but soon came back in, shaking their wet paws.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Jodie, 26th June 2012

 After a client earlier that day, I left the lights up for Jodie after school. She is growing up fast, too fast.

Hunsworth Event, June 23rd 2012

We drove all the way there having not had a text message to let us know it was (largely) cancelled due to the wet weather. Some trade stands and static camps soldiered on, but there was to be no real re-enactments or demos in the flooded arena, so we chatted, grabbed a sandwich and a cuppa, and then drove all the way home.  It was disappointing, but not a complete washout for two reasons: 1) I got a few good pictures, and 2) sliding about on the mud track getting on and off the car parking field was dead exciting! It wasn't quite festival mud ;0)
Paul, John, Tracy, Brian (Comrade Stalin), Phil & Oliver
We were on quite high ground, but still it was waterlogged.

Oliver. The helmet and plasch palatka were  from Moscow, the former we bought at Sparrow Hills near to Moscow State University, the latter a gift from our lovely hosts.

The muddiest mud I've ever trod!