Saturday, 30 July 2011

# 210: Bryony blowing bubbles

We had visitors today and spent some time in the garden blowing bubbles. Here is Bryony, blowing bubbles :0)
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Friday, 29 July 2011

# 209: Boredom Jar

This was an idea I borrowed from a friend across the pond - write lots of different activities on slips of paper and fill the jar, when the kids say they're bored, they pick a slip of paper and have to do what's written on it - as well as fun things like play a board game, tell a joke, or do some baking, there are a few chores such as tidy your room! I explained the idea to Jodie and we wrote lots of things. (M doesn't think its such a great idea - but he's at work all day so nah nah nah nah nah nah!)
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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

# 208: Red Reef Bead Workshop

Jodie and I made charm bracelets today. A bead shop near Jodie's school has been a delight in recent months, Jodie has built up quite a stash of beautiful beads, and I promised we would do a workshop together. Sadly for us, Rebecca, the proprietor, is moving to Greece imminently, so we won't be able to ooh and aah over the treasures within any more :0( 
We wish her well in her new life and we are grateful for today's tutorial: I can see this might be a hobby Jodie would like to take up, she loves beads and is deft enough of hand to manage the tools, with practice.

This one's mine :0)
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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

# 207: Quince

For the first time in several years we have a fruit on our flowering quince. We tried quince preserve in Switzerland on our honeymoon, but haven't ever seen it since. I doubt one fruit would get us much preserve! The shrub is thorny, the thorn are long and very sharp. Learn more about coking with quince here. Apparently quince are related to pears.
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# 206: Hipstamatic bikes

One of my favourite iphone apps is Hipstamatic, I like experimenting with the different film and lens combos. Jodie and I went off for some more cycle practice - she's grown in the few weeks since we last went out on the bikes and can now put a lot more foot to the floor which is helping her confidence in pushing off on her own. Can't say the same about me though, I'm still on tiptoe, but gaining in confidence nonetheless! lol!
This was taken using Kaimal Mark II lens and BlacKeys B+W film.
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# 205: Branston Hall Hotel

Its a lovely hotel in a beautiful setting, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay and will definitely go back.

 Sunday morning in Lincoln.
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Monday, 25 July 2011

# 204: Bridal tribute

I captured this bridal bouquet resting by, presumably, the bride's father's memorial stone in the cloisters of Lincoln Cathedral. I was struck by the colours in the stone being echoed in the now dried flowers of the bouquet.

The Cloisters, Lincoln Cathedral

We were in Lincoln for a weekend away, a break from everything - work, house, decorating, children... It was lovely - we knew the children were in safe hands at home, and we were able to completely relax, first time away without the children - ever! It was Mark's birthday treat, and something I think we should have done sooner, and should make a habit of doing, at least once a year. Both of us have been away either on business or for training or whatever separately since starting a family, but we've always taken the children with us when we've gone away. Oliver is 13, Jodie is now 7, and Uncle Roland and Auntie Suzanne looked after them while we were away - thanks guys! You were brilliant!
Chandelier detail, Branston Hall Hotel.
Mark, looking very relaxed!
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Thursday, 21 July 2011

# 202: Just point & shoot

The settings are set, just point and shoot. I provide informal training for midwives andother caregivers looking after bereaved families to demystify the camera, take away the fear, and offer guidance on what to shoot and how to capture it. This is in addition to my role as an affiliated photographer for because I can't cover every family that losses a baby - I'm recruiting...think you could do it?
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# 201: In the wings

Waiting in the wings, amongst the fairy wings, my star performer listens for her cue ;0)
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# 200: Medicinal purposes

Mark went to the dentist for a filling and came home half frozen up. The dentist suggested liquids only for a few hours ;0)
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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

# 199: Rain stopped play

The rain on the glass diffused the image at the time of capture, enhancing the wetness. I don't mind shooting in the rain, but the position of the hoop on the deck rail was such that I needed to be inside to get the shot. Honest ;0)
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# 198: Old Soldier

Almost impossible to choose an image to post today, rich pickings at Kelmarsh - venue for English Heritage Festival of History. Plenty to capture in-between showers and sunshine. I'll definitely go again next year - excellent event.

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Saturday, 16 July 2011

# 197: Biscuit II

Sitting in the shade of the trampoline, listening to raindrops dripping after a downpour.

Beautiful Cat. Less post processing on this one, and more reflected light as I changed shooting position.
Dripping wet.
Bejewelled racket strings.
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# 196: Crocosmia "Lucifer" III

Loving this plant's display this year...
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Friday, 15 July 2011

# 195: California Grandad

Watching his daughter's riding lesson, and his grand-daughter's riding lesson, on a visit from sunny California. It was sunny here too, and he's wearing a poloneck and another sweater!
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# 194: Little fluffy clouds

Blue sky, clouds, plane trails....
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Jodie and Blue

Jodie has been riding since she was 7, over half her life. Just. Ownership is costly, but she's learning life skills and life lessons...