Sunday, 10 February 2013

Hunsworth Event, June 23rd 2012

We drove all the way there having not had a text message to let us know it was (largely) cancelled due to the wet weather. Some trade stands and static camps soldiered on, but there was to be no real re-enactments or demos in the flooded arena, so we chatted, grabbed a sandwich and a cuppa, and then drove all the way home.  It was disappointing, but not a complete washout for two reasons: 1) I got a few good pictures, and 2) sliding about on the mud track getting on and off the car parking field was dead exciting! It wasn't quite festival mud ;0)
Paul, John, Tracy, Brian (Comrade Stalin), Phil & Oliver
We were on quite high ground, but still it was waterlogged.

Oliver. The helmet and plasch palatka were  from Moscow, the former we bought at Sparrow Hills near to Moscow State University, the latter a gift from our lovely hosts.

The muddiest mud I've ever trod!

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