Monday, 2 July 2012

Moscow Metro, Thursday 10th May

One of the more modern stations on the Moscow Metro, no less grand, but in a contemporary style. I love the reflective polished marble floor and the hallway that echoes the tunnels themselves.

A Soviet era train pulls alongside a sparklingly clean new station platform. I would love to spend an entire day just photographing the metro, I had to keep up with the group, this wasn't my trip, so I hope one day to go back! It can't happen soon enough, amazing place, wonderful people.

Design classic: mind the doors.

Lines as we descend the escalator. The older escalators travel noticeably faster then ones in the UK.

In the building we visited to purchase uniform items from a period supplier, the stairs are well worn.

Outside the Museum of Russian Imperial / Red/ Soviet Army.
Eugene, Sergei, Paul, Brian, Phil, Steve, Neil, John, and seated, Oliver & Scott.

 In the garden of a monastery, an oasis of calm in the busy city. So much to photograph, so little time.

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